2020 Referendum

On August 25, 2020 the Town Board approved a resolution to place a referendum question on the November
General Election ballot.  With the current state of our annual allowable levy, the Board is asking for your approval to raise the state imposed  levy limit and dedicate the increase to road construction projects.  The Board has been
contemplating this request for over a year and does not take this decision lightly.  Past newsletters have explained the current funding situation and an online survey was conducted in 2019 with positive feedback from residents.  Previous newsletters can be viewed at: https://townofpleasantvalley.com/news-notices/

As prescribed by state statute, this is the question as it will appear on your ballot:

“Under state law, the increase in the levy of the Town of Pleasant Valley for the tax to be imposed for the next fiscal year, 2021, is limited to 3.15%, which results in a levy of $763,525.  Shall the Town of
Pleasant Valley be allowed to exceed this limit and increase the levy for the next fiscal year, 2021, for the purpose of road construction projects, by a total of 26.194% which results in a levy of $963,525, and on an ongoing basis, include the increase of $200,000 for each fiscal year going forward?" 

A “Yes” vote will approve permanently raising the levy limit $200,000, allowing for more road projects to be completed and a “No” vote will keep the levy the same and further limit the amount of road projects which can be completed
annually as the cost of materials and equipment continues to rise.

How Did We Get to This Point?
In 2006, the State of Wisconsin placed limits on the amount a Town can levy.  A levy is the amount a Town can tax the taxpayers of the municipality.  This amount is spread out equally among the tax payers based on assessed values of property.  A low spending Town at the time of the levy limit caps was forced to remain a low spending Town with no ability to increase taxes to cover the increasing monetary demands. i.e. road construction and maintenance, fuel,
vehicle maintenance, salaries, utilities. These demands have simply over run our allowed spending.  The only levy
increase a Town is allowed each year is the percent of net new construction.  Typically, for the Town of Pleasant Valley this is around 2% of assessed value equating to a net levy increase of approximately $10,000.

How will this effect my taxes?
Based on the 2020 assessed value of $363,051,700 a $200,000 increase would raise taxes by $55.09 per $100,000 of assessed value.  Ex:  A $200,000 home would see an increase of approx. $110 on the Town portion of the tax bill.

*These numbers are based on 2020 assessed values.  As the Town continues to grow, the same amount of levied dollars is spread out over an increased value, netting out a decrease in the taxed amount per assessed dollar. These numbers reflect only the Town portion of your real estate tax bill.  Approximately 13% of your real estate tax bill is Town tax.  We can not predict any increases or decreases in County, School or Technical College levied dollars from one year to the next.

What about the County Wheel Tax?
The Town does not receive any of the Eau Claire County imposed Wheel Tax funds, however we do have county roads within the Town which benefit from the funding.

What were the 2020 road projects?
The subdivision of Woodridge received ditching, wedging and a blacktop overlay for approx. $100,000,
Interlachen Blvd had a section of road torn out, new base added, ditches improved, culverts installed and blacktop
overlay for approx. $60,000 and Birch Road received new base in the soft areas with a crushed blacktop surface
applied for around $12,000.  A section of Spruce Road was redone, which did not cost the town any funds as it was warranty work from prior year’s construction. (Some projects are not completed as of printing).

What are the upcoming projects?
The list of upcoming projects is ever changing as road conditions can change unexpectedly.  The short list does include Cedar, Maple, Balsam, Pine, Oak Roads,  the southern portion of Lowes Creek Road along with the Woodfield and
Interlachen subdivisions.  Additionally approximately $75,000 is spent on hot mix and cold mix to repair pot holes and blade patch roads annually.  The Town maintains 67.64 miles of roads annually.


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